3 Basic Rules For Life To Get Organized And Dominate Overwhelm

Trying to get organized and dominate overwhelm was a big part of my journey to confidence and joy. 

Identifying the things in your life that are truly important and meaningful is a huge part of practicing self-care.

If you’re constantly being pulled in a million different directions – you can’t ever really get anywhere.

Luckily, there are a few basic rules that you can adopt right away that will help you to get organized and dominate overwhelm.

If you’re like I used to be, you have felt solely responsible for the way that your life appears from the outside. And, you have worked hard to make sure no one who came into your world knew what went on behind the scenes.

Can you relate to any of these?

  • I have stayed up until 3 am toothbrush cleaning the bathroom floor on the night before company came over
  • On more than one occasion, I have hidden and not answered the door when a friend or neighbor came over unannounced for fear they would see dirty dishes in the sink
  • I have planned all of my kids’ birthday parties at the park or an event center to avoid having people in my home

As a former type-a personality, it took me some time (and a few chronic illnesses) to really let go of those feelings of control and hyper-organization.

Instead, I have found that there are a few basic rules that help tremendously and some that started to come effortlessly after awhile.

Plan With A Pen And Paper

It has been scientifically proven that if you are chronically disorganized you will do better with a pen and paper plan than an electronic one.

In fact, there is something that happens in the brain when you write down a goal, note or reminder that doesn’t happen when you type it out.

You become more committed to the things that you write down. So, if you have a planner and you write down things like “wash her jersey for Wednesday, sign his homework sheet, give them their vitamins” etc. You are way more likely to remember to do all of those things.

Plus, writing these things down helps to get them out of your head. So, you’re not bogged down with a bunch of “tasks” swimming around in your head making you feel overwhelmed and tired.

You can write them down and then feel peaceful that they will get done and not forgotten.

Use Meal-Planning

I hate cooking.

It’s not the same as not being able to cook. I can follow a recipe and, according to my brother-in-law, I make the best key lime pie.

But, I don’t LIKE to cook. I would rather spend time doing something fun and have dinner served to me.

Unfortunately, in our house, I am the dinner-cooker (as my 5-year-old says).

So, I make sure to take full advantage of every single hack, tip, and advice that I have heard. And make meal preparation as simple as possible.

Meal planning is just common sense. It’s a time-management trick that leverages time and creates more output for less input.

It’s just plain genius. Using a plan like online menu research + grocery delivery is a total game-changer.

Plus, it saves money and calories. And, is an easy way to drink plenty of water and start clean eating.

Technology Provides Organizing Hacks

With the internet and smartphones, there is *literally* an app for everything. You can actually talk to a cylinder and tell it to ship you some toilet paper. And, toilet paper will show up at your doorstep.

There’s no reason to ever go into a store.

In fact, you can just set a shipping schedule for all of the household toiletries. And delivery is totally automated. You never even have to think about it.

And, staying out of the stores keeps you from buying things you don’t need.

Amazon is our favorite for this because they have partnered with Whole Foods. But, there are other services that offer it.

Make a list of all of the things that you waste time doing. And streamline the process so it works for you instead of causing you stress.

Tell me what you came up with!

3 Basic Rules For Life To Get Organized And Dominate Overwhelm
3 Basic Rules For Life To Get Organized And Dominate Overwhelm
3 Basic Rules For Life To Get Organized And Dominate Overwhelm

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