4 Simple Reasons Clean Beauty Products Enhance Health & Well-being

Clean beauty products are more than just makeup.

If you’re like me, you don’t even wear makeup (I might be an anomaly). But, I don’t have to wear makeup to value the health benefits of using clean beauty products.

Did you know that your skin is an organ? Just like your liver and your heart are organs, so is your skin.

In fact, it is the largest organ in your body.

Treating it well and with a gentle clean beauty routine is a crucial part of improving your overall health and well-being.

Just like eating more plants, getting enough sleep, exercising, and drinking enough water are key to your internal health. A clean beauty routine is for your external health.

What is “clean beauty”?

You’ve heard the term “clean eating” with respect to dieting. But, the term “clean beauty” is a new one. 

Basically, the concept is the same. 

Clean beauty is non-toxic beauty products that are made without chemicals or other ingredients that can cause a negative impact on your health. 

Products from companies like BeautyCounter and 100% pure are good bets.

Your skin is a vital organ of your body. 

Not only does it absorb the elements of the environment that you are in but, it will also absorb 60% of anything that you rub on it. 

So, things like makeup, lotion, body wash, shampoo, or conditioner are all absorbed by your skin. And, all of the ingredients of those products are absorbed too. 

So, if you’re using products that are full of toxins, you are asking your skin to draw toxins into your body. 

Doesn’t make a lot of sense when I put it that way, huh? 

Did you know that the last bit of legal regulation that the health product industry needs to follow was enacted in 1938? 

Basically, this means that beauty product companies have been allowed to add anything they want to beauty products. As long as they are within those 1938 guidelines. 

Which, let’s face it, in 1938 there were only three types of apples let alone possible ingredients for beauty products. 

I realize that feeling beautiful has a direct impact on health because it is strongly related to motivation and self-confidence. 

But, there are ways to feel beautiful without slathering your body with toxins. In other words, you can use clean beauty products, feel beautiful, and still enjoy all of the added benefits.

What are the benefits of using clean beauty products?

You know how some sidewalks are smooth? And, others are lumpy and cracked with tree roots growing up out of them? 

Those sidewalks are just like your skin. 

Your skin is a window into what is going on inside of your body. And, there are ways that you can care for your skin from the inside out. 

You can do things like meditate to reduce stress, practice self-care, have a healthy relationship with money, and value experience over possessions

But, there are also things that you should do from the outside to protect your skin and keep it fortified.

Using clean beauty products is the first step and there are so many benefits.

Minimize irritation

If your body is in a heightened state of inflammation, your skin is going to be more sensitive than it has been in the past. 

Using products that have toxins or harsh chemicals could further irritate your already sensitive skin. 

But, if you use clean beauty products on your sensitive skin, you will be nourishing and protecting your skin. 

When your body is dealing with chronic inflammation you never want to add to it by rubbing harsh chemicals into your skin

No hormone interruption

If you look at the label of your current beauty products, you will probably see the words like methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isopropylparaben, and isobutylparaben. These are chemicals in a class called “parabens”. 

Basically, parabens are preservatives that are designed to give the products longer shelf life. 

But, parabens will actually mimic some of the hormones in your body and can cause your body to think a specific hormone is being released when it isn’t. 

Your endocrine system is like a sophisticated set of dominoes. When one hormone is released, signals in your body are sent for other hormones to release and the dominoes begin to fall. 

But, if the original hormones wasn’t actually released, and instead it was just parabens in your body, those falling dominoes could wreak havoc. 

Better long-term effects

While you may not see the same kind of wrinkle reduction from clean beauty products that you see from the ones that you use now, you will see great benefits in the long run. 

Removing toxins from all areas of your life will have a great long-term benefit. And, your skincare routine is no exception. 

You may not know it but, your skin is angry about the toxins that you have been putting on it. Imagine what kind of improvement you will see over time from switching to a natural skincare routine and using clean beauty products. 


By using clean beauty products you are being kind to the environment. Who would have thought that using natural lotion and concealer would have such a big impact on your overall well-being and the health of the environment!?

But, it’s true. 

The beauty industry negatively impacts the environment on a daily basis. So, using clean beauty products and supporting natural skincare companies will help to protect our mother Earth. 

Taking care of your body from the outside is just as important to your overall well-being as taking care of your mind and body from the inside. Using clean beauty products will have a positive impact on your health and your gorgeousness!


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