21 Vision Board Quotes to Inspire Your Midlife Goals

We’ve all heard of the power of vision board quotes, right?

Hopefully, you don’t belong to the group of people who think that they’re a waste of time.

And, if you are, let me change your mind!

First, what are these famous vision boards, and how do they work?

A vision board is a visual representation of the life you want to have and lead. It can be made for one year, five years, or a lifetime. You can make it on cardboard, only in pictures, with text, full of vision board quotes – everyone makes it in a way that suits them. The purpose here is to crystallize the goals and future that a person wants to have, as well as to provide long-term motivation to do everything you desire and want to achieve.

In addition to believing in the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking, I also believe that it is important to know and precisely define our priorities and desires. When we don’t know what we want, we can’t even get there.

Once you have chosen the right vision board quotes and created your vision board, you can’t leave it behind the door or in the basement and forget about it. It won’t work that way, and it won’t help you achieve your goals. The vision board needs to be displayed or hung in a visible place, where you will always have it in mind so that the vision board quotes remind you about what you are striving for and what is yet to come.

The closest example of a vision board is the boards you make and pin on Pinterest, except that the vision board is usually in physical form, although it doesn’t have to be. Adapt it to your habits and needs to make it more efficient.

This is the time to be focused on making your next 40 years the best they can be! So, there’s no better time than now to take your life and future into your own hands. Using vision board quotes can be a powerful way to send a message through to your subconscious of what you want.

5 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Vision Board

If all this wasn’t enough to convince you, let’s talk about five benefits of why you should introduce vision boards into your life. You will also understand how they work and how they help you achieve your goals.

1) It helps you determine exactly what you want

It will always seem to you that you want to achieve hundreds of goals and desires, but once you sit down to talk to yourself, you will realize that the essential desires are small, and you will break down what is important to you. The vision board will make you set your priorities and work for them. Thinking about the things you want to achieve isn’t enough if you aren’t focused on them.

Once you take your goals out of your head and transform them into a physical form using vision board quotes, you will more easily draw those goals into your life and manifest them.

2) It helps you get out of the life blockade

Do you often feel like your life has become one long and monotonous routine? Every day you get up, eat, go to work, do housework, have some free time, and the next day do it all over again. If you feel that way, you’re not the only one. The pressures of life make a person function like a machine or a robot, losing their creative side.

When you make a vision board filled with inspiring vision board quotes, you allow yourself to dream, let your creativity flow freely, and step out of your comfort zone.

3) It serves as a reminder of your dreams

There lies the secret of vision board quotes! They remind you daily of the aspirations you need to accomplish in the future and don’t allow you to forget about your goals. The more often you see what you want to accomplish, the more your subconscious will force you to strive for accomplishment. They motivate you and give you the belief that the best is yet to come for you. Visualization is a very powerful technique that you need to start using.

4) It will awaken strong emotions in you

Observing the vision board quotes that represent your wishes will shake your emotions, and you will have great bursts of inspiration and motivation to achieve your goals as soon as possible. It will also help you notice the details and opportunities that life offers you. The very thought that you have achieved something you have wanted for a long time will encourage you to fantasize and believe more.

5) It’s fun to make

Vision boards are a cheap investment that will provide you with fun, to get to know your wishes in more detail and to enter the deeper layers of your personality. Your vision board doesn’t need to be aesthetically pleasing or decorated everything that looks like you and suits you will work. It is your personal space in which you express your hopes and desires, and it should portray you as a person.

Do they work, and are the goals achieved?

Yes, believe it or not, vision boards work. They work on the principle of putting life into your goals by visualization and inspiring vision board quotes. So, if you believe in the Law of Attraction, they are a great tool for manifestation. But vision boards won’t always work. You have to be ready and open-minded, totally committed to your vision board. If you don’t put your effort into it, it won’t work.

To clear things up, it’s you who make the vision board functional. If you throw it away and forget about it, then you won’t work on your goals each day. All you need is 1% improvement over yesterday.  The role of your vision board quotes are to encourage you and remind you what goals you have set for yourself. So, plan on looking at it every day, until the moment when you have achieved everything you wanted.

What type of vision board is best for you?

No two vision boards in the world are the same. They may be identical, but uniqueness is their main feature. That is why there are so many vision board quotes to choose from. But, I have selected for you three types that are the most popular vision board styles for you to review. I’m sure at least one will appeal to you.

1) Digital Vision Boards

If you use Pinterest, you have already come across one type of digital vision board. With the development of technology, they have become very popular because they are easy to make, and you can print the final product or set it as the background or a lock screen of your phone.

There are many ideas and options for making a digital vision board on the Internet you can browse, and I can give you a little help by recommending five completely free vision board apps at this link

2) Classic Vision Boards

This is the kind of vision board that people most often think of when someone mentions it. It is a physical vision board made on cardboard, where you stick pictures, vision board quotes, and things that inspire you. The making process is ideal for thinking and building your mindset, and you will appreciate and love the vision board more because you put your effort and creativity into its creation.

3) Simple and affordable vision boards

If you are someone who likes to see your aspirations in writing, this is the right option for you. In addition to being the simplest, you need the least amount of time to create it because you use a surface that is easy to wipe, such as mirrors or windows and a marker. You can also paste a picture, so every time you look out the window and in the mirror, besides seeing beautiful scenery, you will see your vision board quotes and the future you are manifesting.

How to make a vision board

If you are still reading this, it means that I have convinced you of the power of vision boards and vision board quotes. Now is the time to learn how you can make your own. You don’t need to be afraid of the process, it is very simple, doesn’t require much from you, and will give you satisfaction and enjoyment.

Materials you need

  • Be free, this section depends only on you and your wishes. Still, to get an idea of the direction we’re going, I’ve made a general list of things you’ll probably need.
  • Board or base on which you will create – the options are countless, you can use a pinboard, corkboard, poster board, and any other surface that you think is appropriate.
  • Glue, tape, pins, scissors – products that will help you make the board.
  • Pencils, stickers, decorative ribbons – if you want to work on decoration and embellishment.
  • Magazines, pictures from the Internet, social networks – which you will cut and hang on your board. The images must contain the things you want to achieve and use them to create a mood board.
  • Color printer – If you take pictures from the Internet, colors will help your imagination.
  • Everything that inspires you – whether it is a great vision board quote from a book, a proverb, a picture of someone or something, everything that will bring you to hope and inspiration will work.

Time – and a lot of time. Don’t set yourself a limit or deadline. Let yourself enjoy the creation process. Just relax, turn on your favorite music, bring snacks, and get started.

6 Steps To Creating an Effective Vision Board

1) Make a list of goals you want to achieve in the next 12 months

Thoughts can sometimes be a mess, so it would be a great idea to put all your goals on paper with a deadline. Let it be a year or as long as it suits you. Think about where you see yourself during that time, what you want to happen to you, and what you want to draw into your life. Deciding what you want is already one step closer to achieving the goal.

2) Collect magazines from which you will cut pictures out

Magazines are an affordable option for making vision boards because they are eco friendly and give a used material a new purpose. If you don’t have or read them, check with your friends or at your local newspaper store. I believe some of them keep supplies they don’t need. In most cases, you can find large quantities for one to two dollars, or maybe even for free if you are lucky enough. There’s plenty of materials in there for building out your vision board quotes. 

3) Find pictures on the Internet or in magazines that will directly represent your goals

Set aside sometime during the week or weekend when you will be looking for and cutting images that inspire you, and that will encourage you to achieve what you want. How do you know when a picture is useful? If you think at first glance, “It’s something I want in my life in the future!” Let your intuition and feelings carry you.

Don’t get upset if you can’t find an identical picture of what you imagined, approach things from a different angle. For example, if you want to travel to a specific destination, and can’t find pictures of that place, find an image of plane tickets or suitcases. The feelings you will have as you look at these images will encourage you to think and draw that journey into your reality.

4) Make a collage of the images you have extracted

When you think you’ve found enough pictures to serve you, it’s time to make a vision board. Find a background or board on which you will put pictures and add embellishments, quotes, new goals. Then it’s time to create, fit images, glue, and have fun. Make a schedule that will visually please you and make you feel excited and happy.

5) Add affirmations and vision board quotes that will encourage how you want to feel

Visualization is not always just images and pictures. It also represents the ways you want to feel in the future. Therefore, you should add to your vision board words that will represent how YOU want to feel. These words can be, for example, “beloved”, “happy”, “healthy”, “attractive”, “fearless”, “strong”, “unwavering”, ” grateful ”, etc.

Make a list of words, or find them in a magazine and add them to your vision board. Feelings are very important in manifesting and can bring you very positive vibrations.

6) Take a few minutes each day to observe your vision board

Once you create a vision board, you should not forget about it. Observe it every day for a few minutes, think about your goals and aspirations, how you will feel once you achieve what you have imagined. It would be great if it could be in your sight and pay attention to what you have written and your photos as often as possible – it will give you the necessary focus of the unconscious part of the brain on the beautiful things in the future and motivation to move towards everything you want.

A very good tip is to watch it even before going to bed because the thoughts you think about before going to bed stay overnight in your subconscious and repeat until you wake up, a great trick for manifesting!

How to choose pictures and vision board quotes 

With vision boards, your goal must be as clear as possible. Therefore, the images you choose should send a clear message and represent the results. Of course, it won’t hurt to hang a few pictures about the process, depending on what you’re aiming for.

For example, if you want to buy a certain car model, you can attach a picture with the amount of money you will need to buy it. Or if you want to improve your health and physical appearance, you can attach a picture of a healthy meal or a person engaged in a particular physical activity.

For things like this, the Internet will be of great help to you, because no matter how diverse the magazines are, sometimes it is impossible to find what you want. You will also save yourself time, but you will probably find exactly what you imagined.

As for vision board quotes, they help to connect your desires and give them a deeper meaning, but also to strengthen your feelings.

For example, if you are working on a general vision board that includes your entire life over some time, consider how you want to appear. Maybe as a “fearless”, “strong”, “confident” person, or whatever you want to be.

If you manifest a certain title at work, consider “hard-working”, “dedicated”, “intelligent”, etc.

Also, some famous sayings and proverbs can be useful to you. Keep it short and simple, but inspiring and effective, with a clear goal and message. When you find the words that suit you, write them down or print them out and add them to your board.

21 Vision Board Quotes To Inspire You

Here are a few vision board quote examples to get you started:

1) Yesterday passed, tomorrow may not come, all I have is today, and I will give my best

2) I need to love myself before I love others

3) Small steps lead to big successes

4) If your dreams do not make you uncomfortable, then you dream small dreams

5) Do not give up on dreams that take a long time, time certainly passes

6) I am successful in everything I do

7) I attract money easily

8) The love and time I enter into others comes back to me twice

9) I am my best product

10) After the rain always comes the rainbow

11) Everything I do is successful

12) I attract unique and successful people

13) I quickly achieve inner peace

14) No person will ever be like me, so I love myself

15) I am brave enough to make all my dreams come true

16) The comfort zone does not excite me

17) Challenges allow you to grow

18) Every new day is a new opportunity for happiness

19) It’s okay not to be okay sometimes

20) All your feelings and emotions are valid

21) I have the power to create the life I want

How to use Vision Board

Remember, don’t put it somewhere where you don’t see it. Look at it every day and more than once. Believe that you possess the power to make your goals happen. Be grateful, and convince yourself that you deserve everything that comes. Whenever you have the opportunity, think about the goals represented by the pictures on the board. Whenever you lose hope or feel unmotivated, think about why you started with the board.

Write down the date you made the board because the universe loves to fulfill wishes quickly. Once you achieve your goals, don’t remove them from the board. Let them serve as a reminder that your efforts and beliefs are not in vain and that the universe hears you. Also, keep all your vision boards as they represent the path of your spiritual and inner growth.

Make new vision boards after a certain amount of time. As you fulfill your goals, you will have new desires, and your aspirations will grow with you, and that is perfectly fine. Changes are always desirable because it means that you don’t stay in one place but go towards a greater knowledge of yourself and the world around you. Be grateful and always believe, fulfillment and happiness are on their way to you!


21 Vision Board Quotes to Inspire Your Midlife Goals

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